Tui Balms - Mountain Forest Massage Balm 100g

Mountain Forest Massage Balm     Woody Aromas
Description Formulated for centering, calming and grounding. Great for relaxing muscles. The woody aroma tends to be a favourite of men but is also enjoyed by many women.
Uses The semi-solid consistency provides ideal friction, eliminates spillage and improves the flow of the massage. A supreme medium for massage and also wonderful as a skin conditioner after showering.
Ingredients Almond oil, Olive oil, certified organic NZ Beeswax, vitamin-E, Arnica oil, essential oils of Sandalwood, Cypress & Cedarwood. Contains naturally occurring constituents of essential oils: Limonene and Linalool. Latin Names
Notes Tip: Use Tui Cooling & Soothing Balm or Tui Warming & Easing Balm for spot work.

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