Prem Tyler

PremTylerHandweaving designs are all made from quality sustainably sourced natural fibres hand woven on a beautiful, locally made timber loom in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

These original designs have evolved from 25 years of weaving colours, patterns and fibres in a never ending variety of ways and this is what has me hooked.

The designs span many cultures and similar patterns will show up in different countries’ weaving cultures. In Aotearoa they present themselves in traditional Maori weaving and grace the walls of many wharenui at marae around the country.

Capes are one of my favourite pieces to make – they are versatile, will fit any body shape and can be worn throughout the year.

PremTylerHandweaving range includes wraps and double blankets – these can be worn on the body or utilized in the home.

Welcome to PremTylerHandweaving, Aotearoa.

Premsagar Tyler.

weaver and maker


My choice is always to buy locally, sustainably produced fibres grown in New Zealand.

I have been working in possum and merino blends, I love this wool! It is unique to New Zealand, is the warmest and least allergic wool available and doesn’t pill. The fur is from possums caught south of Auckland where its colder and the fur is longer. They hail from Australia originally where they don’t eat the Native flora as they do here.

I’m also weaving with Angora (from goats), merino, alpaca and hemp.