Buzzy Bee Recall Notice: March 2016

For those customers who purchased the Buzzy Bee toy from the Moko Pop Up Shop in 2015, please note this important recall notice from the supplier:

Dear Buzzy Bee customer

We are very sorry to have to ask that you immediately stop your children from playing with Buzzy Bee toys showing any of the 4 batch numbers shown in the picture below.
Please will you email to register your batch number and your contact details.
The NZ distributor, Brand Protocole, is managing the recall and replacement process and so will be in touch with you as soon as replacement details are finalised.
Replacement stock is expected to be available in late May 2016.
We have uncovered an unadvised change to the way that the back wheel is inserted and glued into the body of the bee.  The problem may not be immediately visible and appears to develop over time.
We encourage you to stop your children playing with Buzzy Bees showing any of these batch numbers.
We would like to assure you that no replacement stock will be provided until we are 100% satisfied that this manufacturing issue has been resolved.
Thank you for your support and your co-operation.
Kind regards
Wendie Hall
Managing Director
Lion Rock Ventures Limited