Native Aotearoa Coloring In book – signed by artist Shane Hansen

Native Aotearoa New Zealand’s Coloring Book – Limited Supply for NYC!
45 Pages

Native Aotearoa is a limited edition artist’s book of distinctive drawings, graphic artworks and intricate illustrations dedicated to the beauty and variety of New Zealand’s unique flora and fauna. Tui, Kea, fantail, bellbird, tuatara and many more iconic creatures appear in an array of gorgeous and delightful line drawings, made available in this form for the first time.

More than simply a colouring-in book, Native Aotearoa is a collectable art book showcasing the work of six New Zealand’s leading contemporary artists, printmakers and graphic designers: Shane Hansen, Hayley King (Flox), Walter Hansen, Rachel Walker, Greg Straight and Penny Strotter. Featuring over 45 outlined artworks adapted from existing paintings, prints and graphic artworks in the artists’ personal collections, this is a book to be admired, enjoyed and cherished.

Printed on high quality cartridge paper, the pages of this book will take any water-based colour your creativity may wish to throw at them: paint, ink, wax crayon, pencil, watercolour and good old felt tips! Many of the artworks are accompanied by the artist’s own reflections, comments and even tips on colouring in, to enhance your understanding of their work and inspire you to try and improve on it! Let your inner artist rejoice, as you enhance, embellish and reimagine these beautiful images of New Zealand’s natural world according to your own intuition and creative energy.

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