Tui Balms – Travel Pack 4 x 25g bottles

Description Ideal gift or for travelling, tramping and day trips.
Uses With this collection you can really take care of your skin, especially after exposure to the elements, physical activities or biting insects. Use Bee Balm for chafing, cuts, grazes, burns, sunburn, and damaged lips. Bug Balm is our popular natural insect repellent, which also eases existing bites. Warming & Easing Balm is an excellent relief for aches and pains, great before and/or after physical activity. Vanilla Massage Balm can be used for all-over body massage, as a moisturiser or lip balm.
Ingredients 25gm pots of Bee Balm, Bug Balm, Warming & Easing Balm and Vanilla Massage & Body Balm Latin Names
Notes Does not contain sunscreen. For external use only. Do not apply to broken or infected skin.

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