Aho Manawa

Exclusive in the United States to Moko Pop Up Shop, Aho Manawa is a fashion line that featured in the Miromoda Showcase 2015 at New Zealand Fashion Week in August, Aho Manawa has a vision to develop a collection of garments and goods that embody a contemporary and authentic Ngai Tahu aesthetic and ethic. To embed these items and garments into our everyday. Elevating and normalising Maori design.

By a Ngai Tahu aesthetic, I mean those visual representations of a localised and indigenous way of thinking, knowing, transmitting knowledge. We know who we are by the narratives of our ancestors, carved in our landscapes, painted in our caves, embodied in our whare, captured in our reo, our language and spun into our whakapapa.

By a Ngai Tahu ethic, I mean the embodiment of our values passed through generations. Nga taonga tuku iho. I intend to create business values embedded in a kaupapa of
            Kaitiakitanga; stewardship of our whenua(land) by making smart decisions about the materials and resources used- ensuring their sustainability and minimising their ecological footprint.
            Manakitanga: hospitality, or putting people first by choosing where and by how products are manufactured. Fair wages, safe working conditions. Ko te mea nui, ko te tangata. Mana Enhancing.
           Rangatiratanga: Leadership.  To see our culture respected and treasured. Self determination.

Obviously contemporaryauthentic and Ngai Tahu aren’t static concepts. But then, arguably, the only constant in culture, identity and authenticity is an ongoing evolution, re-imagining, reconstruction. My mahi is an interpretation unique to my place in the immense fabric of whakapapa, experience and opportunity.