International Strategic Management

New York, NY | Auckland, New Zealand

An Update on MokoISM during Covid-19

Safety is paramount so we have moved all client interfacing and events to virtual operations until the United States and New Zealand can both resume safe in-person public operations. Our New York and Auckland offices remain and we are grateful to our clients for the ongoing support as we adapt to this global pandemic. Please visit for NY State updates and for New Zealand updates. MokoISM unequivocally believes that Black Lives Matter and recognizes the inequities Covid-19 has further exposed. We appreciate all efforts to keep communities safe.

We connect our clients with institutions, corporate entities and community to grow brands and programs in the United States and New Zealand through philanthropy.

MokoISM is proud to be an Indigenous-Woman-Owned business and aligns with organizations that promote equity, justice and access to education and economic development, particularly for marginalized communities.
Our philosophy embodies a traditional indigenous perspective where we value people and purpose, weaving together partnerships and opportunities that address systemic inequities.

Consulting For Philanthropy

Specializing in event planning, project management and building strategic relationships, we connect our clients with institutions, private entities and community to grow programs, campaigns and funding in the United States and New Zealand through philanthropy.

Events with Purpose

Events mean more when there is a purpose that empowers the community and this is why we believe in the alignment of values in all aspects of our event management from clients to guest speakers, sponsors, vendors and outcomes.

Project Management

Our years of project management experience with national and global brands and projects is a testament to our reputation over time and space. Whether you are planning an Inward Visit to a foreign market, a product launch or Pop Up shop, feasibility study, film release or global event, we have experience managing projects effectively.

About the Director, Sarah L. Smith

Based in New York City and New Zealand Sarah Smith has over twenty years of experience in government relations, advancement for secondary-tertiary institutions and managing philanthropic events.

Since 2011 MokoISM has produced several public events including the first New Zealand gala benefit dinner in New York City (2017) and a New Zealand concept pop-up shop (2015). Other events and projects include non-profit fundraisers, campaigns, symposia, official ceremonies, launches, conferences, art exhibition openings and film screenings.